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Simply Don – The Podcast Network is run by the support of our viewers and by the commercial income that we receive which is ZERO dollars right now. Without donations and support from our fans we would not be able to produce these shows which cost more than you would think.  We feel that it is terrible that we have to ask for the financial help from you, but if we don’t get help we might have to end this project.  We’re using this podcast to get a sequel movie made and gain enough fans to take this show on the road.  The TRUE fans realize that this is one of the great comedy projects of the new millennium and we’d like to continue to bring more and more comedy to you but again, we need your help to do that.  If you can’t afford to make a donation, tell your friends, parents, your co-workers or anyone that has money to help by making a donation … If you can’t find donation money that way, there are other ways to help keep the postcast coming … For instance, find some one that could sponsor the podcast, it doesn’t cost that much and if they need a reference of a company that’s very happy that they work with us have them call ASM Plumbing & Porn … Another idea for a way to help is to steal or rob from people that have money then send the money to us, you’ll feel better that you helped  out and we’d give you weekly shout-outs until you got out of jail if you got caught … By just sending us ten dollars for the $10 Shout-Out that helps out because it gives the greedy asshole, Perry at least some money every week … I’ve seen that people from all over the world listen to our podcast so by helping us with donations you can truly make the world a better place to live in and maybe it would bring world peace through the comedy that we bring to you … Thank-You for your help and may God Bless you.

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We Accept all monetary donations through paypal. Paypal is easy and secure, you can send money using any credit card, debit card, or bank account.

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Thank You

The Big 3 Thank-You, because without your donations the podcast as well as the network would be OVER … So we thank-you as do the people that are not as fortunate financially as you are and CAN’T make a donation to keep things going … Remember that this is all they have and that this podcast as the only thing that keeps them going.